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Artificial Intelligence Made Simple

Deep Learning| Machine Learning| Computer Vision|NLP|Audio


Changing the Rules of the Game

Our Story

Artificial Intelligence has been at the core of the Industrial change in the last few years. Whether it is using Computer Vision, NLP, Audio or Statistical Machine Learning. 

We provide state of the art Deep Learning and Machine Learning Models to solve your business needs.

We envision a future where AI/Machine Learning and Robotics will work hand in hand with humans to solve one of the most complex problems in the universe.

We are excited to solve problems small enterprises to large Fortune 500 Companies.

New York City

Our Technology

Easy. Fast. Secure.

Data is the core of a Model. We source our data carefully, clean and label it. We use Open Source Frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras and Spark to build our models. We are inspired and are part of the open source community. We have patent pending technologies on application of Deep Learning in Industrial Use Cases.

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