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Deep Learning and neural networks needs beefy compute. Most compute today is built on CPU. Deep Learning Networks performs very poorly on CPUs. GPUs and Google TPUs have been the best ways to process tensors and neural networks. We will help you design your network.

GPU - Deep Learning

Service Subitle

If there one infrastructure change that helped the astronomical growth of Deep Learning, it was GPU. Nvidia, GPU helped Alex Krizhevsky to win the Computer Vision Challenge. Learn more.


CPU - Deep Learning Perspective

ARM, Intel, Movidus, FPGA

There are many CPU's in the market. You have from Intel, ARM. How do your pick the right price performance. How do you run on low powered devices? Contact us to learn more.

Open Space Studio

Cloud - Deep Learning

Vision API, EC2, Clarifai, NLP

How can you make used of your cloud investments. How would you deal with large compute costs. What is the cost performance comparisons?

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