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Age of Machines

We believe that we are at the cusp of a great technological revolution, that will change how we do business and and behave, buy, sell, date and work. We believe Artificial Intelligence is one of the key drivers to the growth of humanity from science endeavors to solving world hunger. We are at the cusp of living in an age of greatest wealth and well being.

Artificial Intelligence using Computer Vision or Recurrent Neural Networks or Reinforcement learning is changing the pace of life and improving every day. Today computers can see, identify, hear, understand and act on human responses. They are working to be self sufficient.

We believe we do not exist in vacuum. We deeply acknowledge the scientific progress that has been brought in by the open source community by Google Research, Facebook Research, DeepMind and OpenAI.

We are committed to work to excel Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and Big Data.

We strongly believe in privacy and human rights, in the age on Machine. One of the ongoing areas of research.

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